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Debbie brings to her newest project an extraordinary background of theological education, many successful years in catechetical ministry and most of all, a profound love of her Lord, her faith and the Church.
Welcome! My name is Debbie Frey and I'm the creator of Sponsorgrams. As a Catholic Youth Minister and self proclaimed Confirmation Enthusiast, I'm always excited to discover new ways to make the process more meaningful for the candidates in my charge. I'm also a digital marketing and social media professional, which helps pay the bills while also providing me with the skill set to build Sponsorgrams.

Here's how it started:

In 2016, my own son Eric began preparing for Confirmation and asked his favorite uncle (and Godfather) Ken to be his sponsor. Ken gladly said yes, but was concerned about how much he could actually participate in preparation since he lives 1,800 miles away in Myrtle Beach.

I decided to create a few E-cards and messages that Ken could email to Eric from time to time about Confirmation. Creating the E-cards wasn't hard for me, but the uploading, saving, downloading, and sending them back and forth with Ken would be a total drag. This would be so much easier if this process was automated...I thought.

And there it was.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit comes as a fire, sometimes as a breath...this time it was a simple, problem solving, 'I-can't- believe-no- one-else- ever-thought- of-this- before' idea. I developed a series of E-cards on seven over arching themes related to Confirmation. I worked closely with my developer to make sure the process was smooth, user friendly and easy for parishes to implement. I enlisted a few trusted colleagues to give their input on the content which has been invaluable to me.

I also raided Eric's college fund to build this app which means I've got exactly five years to pay Eric back before he notices.

It's been a labor of love. It's been a joy. I pray that it blesses a great many candidates, families and parishes during this beautiful time of preparation.
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Debbie is a bright, creative and most of all passionate digital expert who brings excitement and fresh insight into every project she is a part of.
About Debbie:
Debbie Frey is a Catholic Youth Minister, Catechist and Confirmation Coordinator whose work has garnered national attention and the Excellence in Catechesis Award from the Diocese of Dallas. Debbie is also an accomplished Digital Marketing Creative Director who has worked on such blue chip brands as Carnival Cruise Lines and St Jude Children's Hospital. A native of the US, Debbie received her certificate in Catholic Youth Ministry through the Center for Ministry Development before relocating to Canada to get married. She currently resides in Waterloo, Ontario with her husband Tony and their two sons, Eric and Dallas.
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