I LOVE this app and am thrilled to recommend it to any parish looking to connect with their Confirmandi in a powerful, new way.
So Simple to Use
We've made our platform turn-key, with busy parish staff members in mind. Simply enroll your parish and we'll help you inform your sponsors. After that, the sponsors take it from there.
Theologically Sound
Our Board of Advisors have approved all of the E-cards to assure that they are in accordance with the official teachings of the Catholic Church. We also provide copies of all of the E-cards to you so you can see the content for yourself.
Personalized for Your Parish
Simply upload your logo when you enroll and we'll add your best wishes to the footer of every E-card. ("Brought to you with love from your parish family at St. John the Baptist")
Sponsorgrams costs $3.99 USD per sponsor (similar to any app in the App Store). When you enroll, you purchase the number of downloads you need based on your number of candidates.
We can set the start and stop times for the app according your schedule. If you want the cards spread out over several months, we can do that. We've designed Sponsorgrams to to be flexible enough to work alongside whatever Confirmation curriculum you use.
Measure its Success
After Confirmation, you'll receive a report informing you of how many sponsors used Sponsorgrams and their comments on its helpfulness during the process.
Sponsorgrams is so easy for your
parish or school to Implement