How it works
Connect sponsors with candidates. Foster Dialogue. Make the process more meaningful.
Sponsorgrams puts Christ at the center of the relationship between the sponsor and the candidate with their fresh and creative use of technology.
Setup an Account
The Parish Enrolls for its Sponsors
Enrolling in our program usually takes less than 5 minutes. You'll be charged $3.99 USD for each of your candidates via Paypal. Then, we'll send you an access code built in to a ready-to-print-or-email flyer to send to your sponsors. The sponsors will use the parish access code to log in and get started!
Sponsors Choose their Sponsorgrams
The sponsor will have a choice of several Sponsorgrams in a variety of styles for each category. Like selecting a birthday card in a store, the sponsors will have lots of options to find the perfect E-card for their candidate. The sponsors will send an E-card seven times throughout the journey to Confirmation. Each card takes less than five minutes to send.
Sponsorgram sample
Sponsorgram sample
Sponsorgram sample
Sponsorgram sample
Sponsorgram sample
Sponsorgram sample
Personalize Your Sponsorgrams
The sponsors write a personal message to the candidate for each theme. Not a wordsmith? No worries. We provide prompts and tips to help the sponsors find the perfect thing to say to their candidates.
Fire it off image
Fire it off!
Sponsorgrams will deliver the E-card to the candidate via E-mail or SMS text, putting your message right in the hand of your candidate. Plus, the candidates will be given a chance to respond to their message. The sponsor will receive a notification when their candidate replies, so they can respond back.
Dive Deeper into the Themes
of Confirmation that we Cover